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All-in-one Permit for Physical Aspects (Omgevingsvergunning)

For all activities with regard to building, renovation, demolishing, construction, living, monuments, environment, nature and space, you will need a 'All-in-one Permit for Physical Aspects'. To assess the exact permit for your specific activity, you may want to do the permit check online (Dutch).

Please note: The All-in-one Permit has replaced several specific permits based on different regulations.

You can apply for this permit at your municipality or at the 'Service Counter Environmental Permit' (Omgevingsloket Online). This can be done digitally or in writing. You can authorise somebody else to apply for the permit for you. Please note that the online application service is in Dutch only.

Do you wish to build, remodel or renovate? Contact John Drissen architects and we will help you with the permit check, contacting your municipality and with the corresponding permits.

Free of Building Permit

In some cases no Building Permits needed for construction. You have no environmental permits needed for such a separation between balconies and roof terraces or flagpole of up to 6 meters. You should observe the rules in the Building Act 2012. It contains minimum structural requirements in the areas of health, safety, usability and energy efficiency. Furthermore, you must comply with the local regulations of the building code, property requirements and zoning.

Permits by Crisis and Recovery

The Crisis and Recovery allows shorter procedures for construction projects. Examples include the construction of industrial buildings and residential housing.

Permit Accelerator for building and property companies

With the Permit Accelerator building and property companies can digitally prepare the application of a permit for physical aspects together with municipalities.

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